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JOSIE REJANTE is a board-certified nurse practitioner with many years of experience.  She has achieved several awards related to excellence in clinical practice and among these prestigious awards, she received the 2004 American Academy of Nurse practitioner excellence in clinical practice for the State of Hawaii. She is a member of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and is certified in many aesthetic procedures offered in the Medispa. Josie is very passionate and meticulous in any endeavors that she embarks on and results driven in her quest for excellence. She has fallen in love with aesthetics and creation of a masterpiece in the art form.  Her vision is to engage in a business utilizing science as well as technology in the pursuit for advance techniques that defy the signs of aging and preservation of youth. She relies on her strong spiritual beliefs and mission in life. She wants to leave a legacy and share the fruits of her success to humanitarian purposes.

WILMA NAZARETH is a board-certified nurse practitioner with experience in family practice.  Wilma has always been a big proponent for beauty and works of art. Prior to becoming a Registered Nurse, she studied to become a licensed Cosmetologist. She continued to maintain her Cosmetology license as she knew that down the road, she will be able to incorporate this talent and knowledge into a larger scale. By attending various aesthetic workshops and receiving certification, she was able to learn techniques and utilize up to date technology and beauty trends in her practice. It is an inspiration for her to see the transformation and overall optimal outcome of her work in the personal and professional lives of her customers. She believes in meaningful and purposeful life and wants to share some of the proceeds to charity and foundations that she supports.

MARIA DePEDRO is a nurse with 30+ years of experience caring for pediatric patients, evaluating quality of medical care services and providing consulting, regulatory compliance assistance to home health companies. As a professional with a passion for providing excellent customer service, she sets off to this journey with Medispa and aesthetics. She is looking forward to establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with her clients. The main goal is to achieve above and beyond standard levels of services delivered.